Note: We do not use simple lacquer but only PVC(vinyl) dubplates and therefore their longevity is superior to conventional lacquer dubplates. Our PVC dubplates are similar to factory pressed records not only in material but also in sound quality.

On that source our dubplates are suitable for professional DJ-use (like scratching).

1 : loop player 1 time (MP3 Download)
2 : loop player 100 times (MP3 Download)
3 : loop player 1000 times (MP3 Download)

1 : Soldier (Thetaphi) (MP3 Download) - Version recorded with the Dubplate-Cutter
2 : Soldier (Thetaphi) (MP3 Download) - Version pressed in a record factory

Black or clear vinyl

There is no difference referring to sound quality and solidity between black and clear vinyl. 

Tips for vinyl mastering

1. Bass

1.1 Bass and stereo effects / Don't add stereo effects like phaser, chorus etc., to frequencies lower than 400Hz. In general bass frequencies should be mono.

2. Frequencies

Extreme 'S' sounds in vocals should be reduced with a de-esser, because these sounds can cause distortion on vinyl. Frequencies from 17kHz and higher should be reduced.

3. DC-Offset

Remove the DC-Offset, and don't forget to normalize your tracks. Don't mind, if you are not sure, that your tracks are mastered for the vinyl cut. We analyze any track before cutting, an if needed we master them for the vinyl cut (without any extra costs).

Playing time

The playing time can be extended, depending on the characteristic of the track. The playing time depends on the Level, the frequencies (especially the bass), and the stereo effects. This means if the main- and the bass level are low and there is less stereo effects, the playing time rises up.